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Career Counselling

Life is full of ups and downs, and so are careers. Building a Career is a lifelong process that will change you and situations around you. In order to avail guidance for your career you may contact a career counsellor.

A career counsellor is an individual who helps people with their career choice. You may want to choose another field to go into within the same organization, such as switching from Operations to Sales, or you may be evaluating competitive job opportunties abroad or within the same city. You may also be contemplating going back to school and getting a higher degree. At Leopards Courier Services, our HR department is willing and able to provide employees with valuable career counselling in order to help them meet their goals and aspirations. Because the happiness and success of our employees is important to us.

Career Counselling empowers you to actively pursue your career goals, and take the steps necessary to head in the direction of promotions and growth.

Leopard’s career counsellor can suggest you explore options and career decisions. In order to avail our services of career counselling you may contact us through the following links:

  • Visit our H.R. department for career planning and support help.
  • You can also email us at:
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