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Leopards Flyer is designed to send very important and confidential documents in a sealed flyer at very affordable rates.

Delivery charges vary from item to item. For information on delivery charges for particular items call 111-300-786 for major cities (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad) or visit our Nationwide Networks Section on the website.

The following are the rates for some popular and frequent Flyer Delivery items, but all other items can also be delivered.


Weight Local Same Zone Other Zone
Upto 500gm Rs.220.00 Rs.270.00 Rs.300.00
501gm to 1 Kg Rs.270.00 Rs.320.00 Rs.350.00
Additional 500gm Rs.150.00 Rs.150.00 Rs.150.00


  1. Declared value Should Not Exceed More Then Rs: 10000, if Insurance is not charged.
  2. 5% Insurance Will be Charged On Declared Value More Then Rs: 10000
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