Employee Experience

Employee experience is a journey an employee takes within organization. It includes experience resulting from every interaction may it be relative to employee's job role, workspace, manager or wellbeing.

How to make it lasting? Being strategist , we need to change our focus from process to experience in order to optimize business performance. Following examples will elaborate it more.

1. Easy Hiring Process vs. True Job Fit

A new employee might be happy about a quick and smooth hiring process. But getting hired by a company that understands what you do best and then selects you for a role where you have the natural talent -- it's an experience that boosts confidence and success.

2. Knowing the Mission vs. Connecting With the Mission

An employee might be able to recite your company's mission. But when they understand their contribution to your mission, they work with a purpose, and it becomes an experience that supports their engagement over time.

3. Nice Manager vs. Great Coach

When an employee has a nice manager, it's a bonus. But when they have a great manager -- one who cares for them and knows how to coach them -- it's an experience that enhances productivity and passion.

By focusing on experiences over processes, we create moments that are intuitive and adaptable around what matters most to people and ultimately business goals. Then, we develop processes and structures that lead to talent optimization.