Do Your Employee Feel Respected?
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Being treated with respect is more important to employees than recognition and appreciation, communicating an inspiring vision, providing useful feedback even opportunities for learning, growth, and development.

Every employee expect his or her dignity to be recognized and respected. This is especially important for lower-level workers. Whether we are leaders or coworkers, we all are responsible for shaping an environment where teams reinforce respectful cues and make cohesive organization culture.

Researchers generally recognize two kinds of respect: “owed respect” and “earned respect.”

1. Owed respect is respect that is due to an individual because they are a rational being , relative to ethics and values like open door for colleague irrespective of position

2. Earned respect is respect that is given in recognition for an achievement worthy of praise . like appreciate colleague for exceptional work

What Reflects Respect At Workplace?

Research points out specific behaviors that convey owed respect, such as active listening and valuing diverse backgrounds & ideas. For Leaders , delegating important tasks, remaining open to advice, giving employees freedom to pursue creative ideas, taking an interest in their non-work lives, and publicly backing them in critical situations are some of the many behaviors that impart respect.

Recognize that respect has ripple effects. It flows from top and cascade down shaping the way employees treat customers, industry partners, and members of the community , “worst customer service” lists often top “worst places to work” lists as well.

The need for respect is universal. You get what you give!!