Lead By Compelling Vision
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We are in a time of exciting progress, and extreme uncertainty. All of this change has made people anxious and disengaged. This is point where leadership has to play its part by creating compelling vision and engaging people around it.

Compelling vision is the one which resonates and impels people to act. Such visions are not slogans but an inspiration which make people move to action, change their behaviors, focus on key priorities, and make them follow the pathway that the leader lays out.

Below four attributes help in reinforcing a compelled vision.

1. Shaping Culture

Culture is primary aspect which help organizations towards their vision, through shaping culture we encourage behaviors that supports towards vision and discourage such behaviors which hinder it. Leaders need to ensure such culture at their own levels as eventually teams follow their leaders. One more thing to it , which leaders need to understand is , culture does not develop or change overnight , it requires focus , consistent efforts and patience.

2. Build Connectivity

Every organization is a story and every employee working in that is part of that story regardless of positions they are holding. Every one want to be valued and recognized, to do so , leaders need to give clarity on what is expected and exercise empowerment. The time has passed when control and command was the style of leadership , its time to embrace employee engagement. Once employee are engaged and understand their part in achieving vision, they connect by both mind and their heart to the organization and commitment is promised.

3. Forge Clarity

The vision has to be crystal clear throughout the organization and leaders must ensure that every employee knows what the vision is and how they can play their part to help achieve the vision. When message is true , it touches the heart , ensure employee engagements and commitments towards a common goal , additionally , message should remain consistent and line of actions should be in coherence so that each member of organization ensure one direction.

4. Embody Courage

Setting a compelling vision takes courage in various ways since vision is hard and that one of the reasons for this is , that it requires the courage to set bigger goals and to go into untapped avenues. This all require courage to initiate , take risk , stand consistent and determined.

Compelling vision is not slogan , but an emotional connection with employee and all stakeholders in which every one is significant and their part in story is well defined.

Be Bold Enough to Drive Compelling Vision ! :)