Leadership Ladder (Happy Travelling)

“No matter where you are in your leadership, remember, what got you to where you are can get you ahead of the next level. “The goal of life is not to live forever; the goal of life is to leave something that would live forever.”

What makes leaders great? Is it their courage? Their business acumen? Their expert knowledge? Their ability to organize? Truly great leaders have a specific blend of skills. But they also possess something else; certain characteristics which are harder to define.

The concept of Level 5 Leadership was created by business consultant, Jim Collins while researching what makes a great company. Backed by research , leadership is defined in to five categories. Level 5 is the highest level displaying a powerful mixture of personal humility and indomitable will. Let us see all five hierarchies of leadership and their traits.

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Level 1: Highly Capable Individual

At this level, you make high quality contributions with your work. You possess useful levels of knowledge; and you have the talent and skills needed to do a good job.

Level 2: Contributing Team Member

At Level 2, you use your knowledge and skills to help your team succeed. You work effectively, productively and successfully with other people in your group.

Level 3: Competent Manager

Here, you're able to organize a group effectively to achieve specific goals and objectives.

Level 4: Effective Leader

Level 4 is the category that most top leaders fall into. Here, you're able to galvanize a department or organization to meet performance objectives and achieve a vision.

Level 5: Level 5 Leader

At Level 5, you have all of the abilities needed for the other four levels, plus you have the unique blend of humility and will that's required for true greatness.

Few Traits of Level 5 Leaders.

      1. Humble (They ensure team gets credit of their hard work)
      2. Take Responsibility (They take responsibility of their team's mistakes or failing)
      3. Find Right People (They spend time the right people and help them to reach their full potential)
      4. Develop Discipline (When they commit to a course of action, no matter how difficult it is, they stick to their resolve)
      5. Lead with Passion (They are passionate about what they do, and they're not afraid to show it)

"Evaluate yourself and continue journey to reach pinnacle of leadership!"

Good Luck