Tipping Point - A Magical Moment

"Unless a decision has dissolved into work, it is not a decision; it is at best a good intention"

Decisions are fundamental tools that help us face life’s challenges, uncertainties and opportunities. Also the quality and efficacy of decisions will determine how successful, fulfilled and productive we will be.

Decision making process is universal , it does include problem identification , gathering of relevant information , finding alternatives , weigh and taking decisions.

Despite of following this process , we still make wrong decisions , below few tips might help you in taking better decisions.

1. Support Intrinsic Values While Making Decision.

No decision can be a good one, if in making it, you’re going against what you value and respect. Align your decisions with your values , what you know to be true, and your highest standards of integrity. Such decisions are long lasting.

2. Communicate Decision On Right Time.

A decision is only as good or positive as the way in which it’s shared and communicated. One who fail to communicate decision in a thoughtful, confident , timely and clear way end up with regrets. Such decisions cost trust if kept secret.

3. Rationale of Decisions Should be Clear.

Decision making must be made on gathered information and rationale. Decisions made from a sense of fear, powerlessness or temporary escape will never turn out to resolve problems , instead the same challenges will reappear in your next situation.

4. Focus on Actual Problem

First step to decision making is problem identification , rest of the steps follow , hence , make sure you identify the deepest root of the problem, and address that. Get help to do that if need it.

5. Vet Alternatives Properly

Be fair while vetting alternatives , develop sufficient boundaries so that you’re not being overly reactive, emotional or analytical in your decision making , brainstorm all possible solutions, and vet them in an effective, integrative way.

Take the time now to explore and improve your decision-making process so you that can make better decisions that honor who you are and what you really want.

Good Luck !