Companies across the globe develop TNA and DNA for their developmental needs. An alternative method to level the knowledge base across different layers is devised as “Structured Development Program – SDP”. It is more suitable because of two major reasons cost & time effectiveness and controlled output.

Train the Trainer Series – an OD intervention is covered under “Structured Development Program” in line with our shared Vision 2030 pillar “Influencers > Development”. Train the trainer series is purposed to empower trainees for delivering effective training sessions in their own fields of expertise.

This program is specifically designed in to three levels. First Level include train the business trainer, who are the one looking after SOPs, product and business skill development for operations layer. Second Level include train the performance coach who are the domain experts and experienced players provided with techniques for excellence driven coaching and Third Level include train the mentors include senior and experienced family members enabled with skillset to nurture future leadership in development of succession tunnel.

Train the business trainer “First Level” was conducted in Karachi and rest of the zones from mid of June till end of July by Lead facilitator Haris Tabassum, trainees were nominated from multiple departments by their respective HOD’s numbered “101 nominations” in total, however, final selection of “92 nominations” were made by OD team through telephonic interview screening.

Session mainly covered basic training essentialities in regards to training domain, delivery and presentation. It is not wrong to say that trainees’ enthusiasm and positive energy made the session interesting whereas several individual and group activities added to the purpose. Training was followed by assessment to analyze the results of training session through well known “Kirkpatrick’s model”, 1st assessment was carried out at the end of training session to check reaction and learning percentage of trainees followed by 2nd assessment after 10 days of training to check their retained learning percentage resulting “67” qualified trainees across the network.

Thus, qualified trainees were awarded in the month of August with “Certificate of Merit” by their respective zonal heads followed by small ceremony in each zone.

A well-trained group of 67 subject matter experts is now getting engaged to close the ever-widening skills gap at all the levels in organization which will eventually help organization improve performance and grow organically.

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