Leopards Courier Services is Pakistan's leading Cash on Delivery (COD) service provider, boasting an extensive delivery network, rapid payment processing, and a strong track record of secure and timely deliveries. As the e-commerce market in Pakistan thrives, we introduce Leopards COD Retail to facilitate startups, enabling them to operate without establishing physical offices. This service caters to individuals with limited resources, including housewives, students, and young entrepreneurs working from home or remotely. Our mission is to be your partner in making your customers' lives convenient and easy, ensuring successful business operations in the digital era.
Cod Retail
COD Retail:

Leopards COD Retail is ideal for low volume or infrequent deliveries, providing quick cash reimbursements without the need for a Cash on Delivery or corporate accounts. As Pakistan's eCommerce market grows, we introduce COD Retail to simplify startups, allowing businesses to operate without establishing physical offices. This supports individuals with limited resources, such as housewives, students, and young entrepreneurs working from home or remotely.

What Is COD Retail?

Book Cash on Delivery at Retail Express centers. Collect service charges upfront or on the spot. COD payments are transferred to the customer's bank account after delivery.


This service caters to small COD businesses that qualify for the minimum shipment policy. It's perfect for those with 1-2 daily shipments and even single-shipment customers. Retail COD eliminates complex documentation and booking rules, offering a stress-free experience through Retail express centers.


Can register with just one shipment. Simple and hassle-free registration process. Online receipts with proper packing protocols. Weekly payment disbursements with transparent tracking. No hidden charges, taxes, or return fees. Specialized COD portal for account transparency. No inventory charges, fuel surcharges, or GST. No need for load sheet arrangement when dropping shipments at EC. No need to hire resources for handling booking portals at home.

Registration Process Step by Step:

Provide Shipper's Name, CNIC, and Mobile Number. Specify Shipper's Bank Name. Mandatory Shipper Account Number/IBAN Number with Email Details. Register Shipper's Brand Name and Address Details. Upon successful registration, the customer will receive a Shipper ID on their registered mobile number. Once the Shipper ID is complete, proceed with COD bookings.

All you need is to visit our nearest Express Center with CNIC copy and atleast one shipment.
There are no additional pickup charges. We offer the pickup service free of cost.
Just a copy of CNIC and Cheque.
No, there is no requirement of minimum monthly shipments.
No, we will do it right away for you.
No, everything is included in your Booking Charges for overnight Shipments.
Within a week.
Don’t worry if you are not available. We can hand over your parcel to your family members, colleagues or a neighbor and collect proof of delivery. If no one is available, our courier will leave a message and will make another attempt at your convenience.
You can simply reach out to our customer support team or approach our Nearest Express Center.