Leopards Courier Services is Pakistan's leading Cash on Delivery (COD) service provider, boasting an extensive delivery network, rapid payment processing, and a strong track record of secure and timely deliveries. As the e-commerce market in Pakistan thrives, we introduce Leopards COD Retail to facilitate startups, enabling them to operate without establishing physical offices. This service caters to individuals with limited resources, including housewives, students, and young entrepreneurs working from home or remotely. Our mission is to be your partner in making your customers' lives convenient and easy, ensuring successful business operations in the digital era.

Leopards Detain caters to online sellers, providing economical shipping options for packages weighing a minimum of 5 kilograms. With doorstep pickup, it's both convenient and cost-effective, offering substantial savings for online businesses. Shipments are guaranteed to reach their destination within Pakistan on the second day of booking.

Additionally, it's essential to consider the standard size of the shipment, which is 12cm x 12cm x 12cm. For shipments exceeding these dimensions, weight will be calculated using the formula: [Length(cm) x Breadth(cm) x Height(cm)] / 5000.