Cultural Fit

We at Leopards Courier Services value honesty, fairness, respect, truth, integrity and accountability. Culture is our identification. Hance, we screen talent for the values they hold and ensure their values fit with our company norms and culture.

Ability To Re-Learn

We prefer talent with the ability to unlearn the old paradigm and re-learn to adapt changes with the fast-changing business needs. This ability in our case is of utmost importance to meet day to day challenges of sustainability and growth.

Aligned with Vision

Our Company's vision is pillared upon impact, institution and influencers under which we cover all aspect. During hiring we, closely discuss about talents' vision and check their alignment with our company's vision to proceed with the best match.


We prefer talent who is passionate about their work as it is one of major arriving factor towards outperformance and commitment. Leopards use term passionate for the one who is focused, result oriented, optimistic, risk taker and positively energized.


We work in collaborative environment where professionalism is paramount. Few of attributes defining professionalism for us include adherence of company policies, effective communication business ethics, compassion, fair and unbiased treatment.

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